A massive muli-million dollar lawsuit has been filed against Gibson Guitar alleging that Gibson Guitar does not honor it's highly publized "Lifetime" Warranty on it's guitars, and hired a fake Tennessee Attorney to commit perjury when the consumer sued Gibson.

Billy KidweTitle II of the Americans with Disabilities Act places a Statutory DUTY on the States to make "Reasonable" Accommodations, or modifications to Rules, Policies, or Practices to accommodate the Disabled and to provide them "Meaningful" Access to State Facilities, including State Courts.

Highly decorated Vietnam Veteran, Billy Kidwell, is severely disabled with one side numb, a bad leg, a severe stomach disorder, a heart operating at only 43% as a result of a Stress-Caused Heart Attack, and a Stress Disorder, P.T.S.D., so severe it causes multiple problems, loss of sleep, for days, and even caused the heart attack resulting in the damage to Kidwell's heart.

Kidwell is elderly, 62 years old, and on so many heavy medications for his disabilities, including Class A drugs, that he is easily confused, and needs time to think when discussing important matters.

For 40 years Kidwell has been a Veteran, and Consumer, Activist helping as many Veterans as his poor health allows, forming which has been instrumental in getting many injustices towards Veterans corrected.

About three years ago Kidwell suffered a stress-caused heart attack, resulting in his heart only operating at 43%.

used a substantial amount of his VA disability check to buy a Gibson Guitar and Gibson Strap to play, when his health allowed. The strap fraudulently claimed that it was bench tested, and was in fact never tested, as Gibson now admits, and dropped Kidwell's Guitar, breaking it. Three out of four people who bought this strap had their guitars fall!

Kidwell sued Gibson.

caught Judge Keith Kyle in Charlotte County Florida knowingly accepting a Perjured Affidavit from a close Attorney "Friend" of his, Brian Beason, to fix a lawsuit.

Having irrefutable proof that the Affidavit was Perjured, since the Tennessee Division of Attorney Regulation, where the Affidavit was made, had investigated and found the Affidavit was make by a FAKE Tennessee Attorney, committing perjury, Kidwell reported this to the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission, since a Florida Judge knew all this and was knowing accepting the Perjured Affidavit to illegally overturn a lawsuit for a friend.

The Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission REFUSED to even look into the matter advising Kidwell that a judge knowingly accepting a Perjured Affidavit to fix a lawsuit for a friend was nothing more then a small error in judgment.

Judge Kyle used the Perjured Affidavit to illegally change the outcome of the lawsuit, illegally vacating the lawful Defaults, and transferred the lawsuit from Circuit Court to County Court before Judge Woodard.

Kidwell went before Judge Woodard, who stated he didn't want any part of the mess and he transferred the lawsuit to a Judge John Duryea.

Judge John Duryea at the very first hearing told Kidwell that "It was a mistake for Kidwell to make a Complaint against Judge Kyle for accepting the Perjured Affidavit" and then a very hostile Judge Duryea gave personal instruction, and legal advise to the other party, Attorney Brian Beason, telling Attorney Beason he should seek Sanctions against the Pro Se Kidwell, telling Attorney Beason what statutes to use, and the procedure.

This violated Kidwell's Constitutional Right to an IMPARTICAL Hearing Body so Kidwell asked Judge Duryea to recluse himself. Judge Duryea refused.

Kidwell appealed the use of the Perjured Affidavit, the bias unConstitutional Conduct, and the clear corruption to the Circuit Court where it was assigned to Judge


Decorated 100% Service-Connected Disabled Veteran Billy Kidwell filed a lawsuit against Gibson Guitar. Gibson Guitar refused to answer the Summons so Kidwell filed for, and obtained a Clerk's Entry of Default.

After finding themselves in Default Gibson Guitar hired Florida Attorney, Brian Beason, who has close friendships with several Florida Judges, including the judge the case was before, Judge Keith Kyle.

Attorney Brian Beason filed a ridiculous Affidavit from a Tennessee Attorney stating that she was the General Counsel for Gibson Guitar, and saying Gibson didn't file an answer on time because they thought they had hired a Miami Law Firm to answer.

Neither the Tennessee Attorney, nor Gibson, knew the name of the make-believe law firm they claimed they hired, they had no address, or phone number, and didn't know how they contacted them, and the Affidavit claimed that they contacted the Miami Law Firm to represent them BEFORE the President of Gibson Guitar even knew he was being sued.

Simply put, the Affidavit was unbelieveable, plus at the same exact time Gibson filed three seperate motions that directly conflicted with their Perjured Affidavit.

Judge Keith Kyle, knowing the Affidavit was perjured, refused to let Kidwell address the issue of perjury, and refused to let Kidwell submit 18 Exhibits he had proving the Gibson Affidavit was perjured.

Judge Kyle stated "He had known Attorney Beason a long time and Attorney Beason would never submit bad law because Attorney Beason was an Officer of his Court".


The ACLU has received e-mails, letters, and repeated pleas from Disabled Veteran, Billy Kidwell, to abide by the claims they make, to get donations, and to protect the Constitutional, and Individual, Rights of citizens in the State of Florida, that will be lost in six days if the ACLU does not act.

For two weeks the ACLU has refused to respond.

If the case at issue was in the news media the ACLU would have contacted Kidwell offering assistance. After all the News Media brings donations.

If Kidwell wanted to force the public to worship the Aiethist Religion in public, or to rip crosses of Veterans Graves, the ACLU would have rushed to Kidwell's door.

But because the issue involves the loss of Constitutional, and Individual Rights, for a whole "Massive Class of Citizens", and is not part of the ACLU's political agenda, the ACLU does not care, and refuses to even give 100% Service-Connected Disabled Combat Veteran the respect of a response.

The case Kidwell v. Gibson will take away the right of every person unable to afford to hire an attorney for traffic tickets, minor lawsuits, and other Access to the Court, to a fair process, and to Due Process of Law.

It will render the legal process a sham, a complete farce.

In 6 days Attorneys will be allowed to suborn Perjury, pay witnesses to lie, be allowed to bribe government officials, engage in Mail Fraud, and scheme with judges they are "Friends" with, as they fix cases against any individual appearing in Court WITHOUT an Attorney.

All they have to do is quote Kidwell v. Gibson and use it as an authority for their illegal conduct.

It would not take much of the ACLU's resources to change this case, that affects the Constitutional, and Individual Rights of so many. And the cost would be small.

It's not a matter of resources. The ACLU has not responded because Kidwell v. Gibsondoes not have the media exposure to generate substantial donations, and the issues are not part of the ACLU's political agenda.

The ACLU should be truthful and either take down their fraudulent claims to "Be a Protector of Individual Rights", and return all the donations they fraudulently received under the pretext of caring about individual rights, or


Contact the Florida ACLU by clicking here and the National ACLU by clicking here




This website is going to expose, and provide irrefutable evidence, of a Corporation, Gibson Guitar, so corrupt that it is constantly the subject of some Federal Criminal Investigation, that it strangely is always able to "fix", cover up, or shut down.

This website will expose Federal, and State Crimes, not being investigated, and prosecuted because they were committed by wealthy individuals, with powerful "connections", and by Attorneys, and judges.

This website exposes three Florida Judges so dishonest they should be in prison, and a Court Case against Gibson Guitar, that is not only rigged by those three "connected" dishonest judges, but a case that is more corrupt then any other lawsuit in any of America's Law Books.

A case that puts the rights of Pro Se Litigants, and the rights of all citizens to an honest Court Process, on trial.

A case that can harm every citizen in America if the A.C.L.U. doesn't do it's job and step in, as the watchdog, and protector of civil liberties, that it claims to be.

If you are a working person, retired, disabled, retired military, or otherwise unable to afford to hire an attorney, when you are cheated by a corporation, the case of Kidwell v. Gibson Guitar in Charlotte County AFFECTS you!

Click here to ask the A.C.L.U. why they aren't protecting the Constitutional Rights of citizens in Florida to "Meaningful" Access to the Courts, and Due Process ?


The Facts

Port Charlotte Disabled Vietnam Veteran Billy Kidwell had no idea when he purchased his first Gibson Guitar at a local store that the purchase would expose a massive interstate fraud scheme, in which probably tens of thousands of victims are being ripped off.

Nor did he have any idea that simply buying a guitar would expose a judicial system in Charlotte County Florida where the United States Constitution is mocked, and Attorneys are allowed, and encouraged by the Court, to engage in criminal conduct, using perjury, mail fraud, and other crimes, to make sure the truth never sees the light of day.

A legal system where an Organized Crime Family of Corrupt Judges fix cases, and assist corrupt attorneys in covering up, and getting away with criminal conduct, while denying citizens any kind of fairness, or honesty.

And should any private citizen, unable to afford to hire counsel, attempt to properly use the system and report the corruption, and misconduct of those Florida Judges, to the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission, the victim who reports the crimes will be threatened, and severely RETALIATED against, while the criminal conduct by the judges increase.

The State Court System operates like a Mafia Crime Family based on politics, money, and "Connections". Justice simply does not exist.

This website exposes three judges in the Charlotte County Courthouse, who have lied on the record, covered up felonies committed by a member of their legal "Clique", fixed a case, and misused their Public Office, as judges, to illegally RETALIATE, and impose "Sanctions" against the disabled Veteran-Victim, for exercising his rights, by setting up this website EXPOSING their crime family.

Read about how extremely dishonest Judge Keith Kyle, Judge John Duryea, and Judge Alane Laboda have been in Kidwell's lawsuit against Gibson Guitar, covering up perjury, and fixing the case for "fellow attorneys".

Read about how Judges Keith Kyle, John Duryea, and Alane Laboda are KNOWINGLY allowing crooks, who have ADMITTED in their Court that they are engaged in a massive Interstate Fraud Scheme, cheating tens of thousands of victims, and ripping off hundreds of thousands of dollars, to continue their fraud.

Then decide if any case ever decided by those judges can be trusted.

If a highly decorated, 100% Service-Connected, Disabled Combat Veteran, who is in pain, and suffers every day, from the service he gave his country, can be DENIED a fair trial on his lawsuit, and be threatened, harassed, and Retaliated by a "Clique" of dishonest judges, for presenting them with evidence of perjury by an "Officer of their Court", can any citizen expect fair, and honest, treatment?

Disabled Veteran Billy Kidwell reported the perjury, and the fixing of his Gibson Lawsuit by Judge Keith Kyle to the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission, and presented them with eighteen (18) exhibits, nine (9) Affidavits, and a long list of eye witnesses all proving a Perjured Affidavit was used to fix his lawsuit against Gibson Guitar.

The Florida Judicial Qualification Commission refused to even look into Kidwell's allegations, despite being presented with MORE evidence then it takes to convict a "regular" citizen.

The Florida Judicial Qualification's Commission then allowed Judges John Duryea, and Alane Laboda to threaten, and severely RETALIATEagainst Kidwell, for reporting the crimes, taking away his Constitutional Rights, as punishment, for making a Complaint to the Judicial Qualifications Commission. [See the evidence posted at this site].

Clearly the United States Constitution does not exist in Florida, and the judicial system is far more corrupt then the judicial system was in Chicago in F.B.I. Operation Greylord.

Watchdogs supposed to keep the system honest, like the Judicial Qualifications Commission are "Political" and have become corrupt themselves.

Other watchdogs like the A.C.L.U. and F.B.I. seem to be asleep.

Where is the A.C.L.U. that "claims" to be a watchdog over our Constitutional Rights?

Click here to ask the A.C.L.U. why they aren't protecting the Constitutional Rights of citizens in Florida to "Meaningful" Access to the Courts, and Due Process ?

Where is the F.B.I. ?

Click here to ask the F.B.I. why Judges Keith Kyle, John Duryea, and Alane Laboda aren't investigated, and put in Federal Prison, for conduct that far exceeds some of the criminal conduct by judges in the F.B.I.'s Chicago Investigation.


Until the laws that protect Civil Rights are enforced, and judges that eagerly violate those laws are put in Federal Prison where they belong, the Constitution is just a farce in Florida, and no citizen has any rights. The gangsters in power can do anything they want.

And until Judges Keith Kyle, John Duryea, Alane Laboda, and the Good Old Boy Legal "Clique" they belong to, that is violating federal law, and misusing their Public Office fixing cases, is investigated, and prosecuted, no citizen going before their Courts has any meaningful rights. The Constitution is a joke.

YOU can make a difference!


Please visit the F.B.I. Public Corruption Page to learn about how Public Corruption affects us all by clicking here.


Or write the F.B.I. at:

Att: Public Corruption

Federal Bureau of Investigation

J. Edgar Hoover Building

935 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20535-0001


E-mail the U.S. Department of Justice at  .

And ask them to investigate, and PROSECUTE, the judges, and attorneys, involved in this Criminal Conduct in the Charlotte County Court House.