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Gibson Guitar claims it has a "Lifetime Warranty" for defects. Because of this Kidwell saved up his money, from his fixed VA Disability Check, and purchased a very expensive Gibson Les Paul Special Guitar.

The very expensive Les Paul Guitar turned out to be very poorly made, with a warped neck that made it untunable, and useless. There were also air bubbles that came up in the paint.

For a year Kidwell wrote everyone at Gibson Guitar, even the two owners, and they absolutely refused to honor their "Lifetime Waranty", or even respond to any of Kidwell's many letters.

The first part of this massive fraud scheme is that it is proven in the lawsuit Kidwell filed against Gibson Guitar that they advertise a "Lifetime Warranty" on their guitars, and do not respond to warranty claims, or honor their advertised warranty. That the advertised Gibson Warranty is a scam and intended to deceive the public into paying outragious prices for Gibson Guitars.

Kidwell wanted his guitar to be safe so he got on the internet and went to and found that Gibson made a special Guitar Strap, that the advertising, and packaging said was "Bench Tested and Builder Approved". Wanting to make sure his Guitar was safe Kidwell purchased the special "Bench Tested and Builder Approved" Gibson Guitar Strap. Click here to see the Evidence

The Gibson Strap turned out to be defective, and dropped Kidwell's expensive guitar, breaking it. Kidwell searched on the internet and found out the Gibson Guitar Strap was defective on three out of four guitars that it was put on. Click here to see the evidence

Kidwell couldn't get an attorney to handle such a small claim (for one guitar) so he filed suit himself only to find the legal sysyem in Florida is far more dishonest, and corrupt, then the Courts were found to be in Chicago in F.B.I. operation Greylord.




Kidwell found that despite fighting for his country, and being disabled for life from that military service, Kidwell could not find one honest judge in the Charlotte County Court House, or an honest State Prosecuter in Florida to investigate the criminal mess.

The two owners of Gibson Guitar have a long history of suspected criminal conduct. They were investigated by the Federal Trade Commission for suspected Price Fixing on their guitars. Click here to see the evidence

Gibson Guitar was investigated by the IRS for cheating the IRS out of $442,644 by shirking it's 2007 and 2008 payroll, and corporate income taxes. Click to see the evidence here 

Federal Law Enforcement Officials RAIDED the Gibson Manufacturering Plant for using illegal wood. Click to see the evidence here

In the Courts Gibson Guitar is known for being dishonest and extremely litigious, wanting to sue everyone. Click here to see article "Gibson Guitar Loses Mind, Sues Entire Planet"

Gibson Guitar's Lawsuits were DISMISSED by the U.S. District Court in L.A. for being FRIVOLOUS. Click to see the article

The Federal Court Judgment ORDER found that Gibson Guitar did NOT respond to Discovery Requests. Found Gibson did NOT cooperate. Allowed Gibson's OWN Attorneys to quit defending Gibson because of Gibson Guitar's lack of cooperation. Found that Gibson Guitar would NOT even respond to the Federal Court. Found that Gibson violated the "Rules". Found that Gibson's arguements violated numerous well-established "Rules" and was Frivolous. Found that Gibson's complaints of irregularities were the result of Gibson's wrongful conduct. Found that Gibson ignored Federal Court Orders. Click to see Federal Judgment ORDER signed by U.S. District Court Judge Mariana R. Pfaelzer

 To make a long story short, the Gibson Guitar Strap, turned out to be cheap, defective, and not fit to be on any Guitar,

After filing suit Judge Keith Kyle KNOWINGLY encouraged his "friend", local Attorney, Brian Beason, who is an Officer in his Court, to use a Perjured Affidavit, from a fake Tennessee Attorney, as an excuse to let Gibson get by with their fraud.

Judge Keith Kyle set a Court Policy in the lawsuit that his friend, Attorney Brian Beason, could use Perjury, falsified evidence, lies, and other dishonesty to hide the truth, and make a farce, and mockery, out of the judicial process in the Charlotte County Courthouse.

While Judge Kyle allowed his "Friend", Attorney Beason, to use Perjury, as Judge Kyle "Fixed" the case for him, Judge Kyle belittled, harassed, and threatened the victim, a severely disabled Vietnam Combat Veteran, for mere techinical errors.

In other words, criminal conduct by Attorneys is okey in Judge Keith Kyle's Court, however any citizen dareing to proceed without an attorney is abused, and threatened, by his Court.

Kidwell complained about the illegal conduct, and Judge Kyle knowingly accepting a Perjured Affidavit, to Florida's Judicial Qualification Commission. They refused to even look into the criminal conduct.

The case was transfered to Judge John Duryea who at the very first hearing told Kidwell that Kidwell was wrong to complain about Judge Kyle, making it clear that Judge Duryea was going to retaliate against Kidwell for complaining about a dishonest judge.

Judge Duryea continued to harass the victim, and allow Attorney Beason to use Perjury, lies, and "Legal Techinicalities by Attorneys" to hide the truth. Every time Kidwell sought to address an issue Judge Duryea acted like he was emploied by Gibson Guitar, always argueing, and trying to twist the facts for Attorney Beason.

When Attorney Brian Beason made techinical errors the Court praised him. When Disabled Veteran-Victim Kidwell made the SAME, EXACT, techinical errors Kidwell was threatened, and harassed, by the Court.

Judge John Duryea even gave legal advice, and instructions to Attorney Beason, helping Attorney Beason with his "Tactics" in the lawsuit, proving there was no "Impartical Hearing Body", as required by the United States Constitution.

Kidwell appealed the use of Perjury, and all the criminal conduct in the case to Circuit Judge Alane C. Laboda.

Kidwell did not know that Judge John Duryea, and Judge Alane C. Laboda, were business partners, and fellow Fort Myers Attorneys who had authored an audo CD, and Course Book together in 2009 titled "What Civil Court Judges Want You to Know".

It's clear one thing they DON'T want the public to know is the truth, that their political "Donations" come from fellow attorneys, that they are all tied together, that they are often in business together, while PRETENDING to be impartical, and that they are as dishonest, as a day is long.

In addition, Kidwell discovered that Judge Laboda is extremely FOR Corporate Defendants in lawsuits, and not just belonged to the Defense Research Institute, that at their website brags that "They are a Voice to Counter Plaintiff's Attorneys", but Judge Laboda is a NOTED LEADER of the Defense Research Institute. [A National Defense Attorneys Club].

The Bias does not stop there. Judge Alane C. Laboda was a member of the Florida Defense Lawyers Association, and her former law firm had more members of that associatian then any other law group in Florida.

It would be impossible to find an attorney anywhere more bias against a Citizen seeking to exercise their Constitutional Rights without an attorney.

The founder of this website has spent months researching and cannot find any lawsuit on record, even close, to having as much criminal conduct, dishonesty, and UnConstitutional Acts, by Attorneys, and Judges, as his Gibson Guitar Lawsuit.

If Judges would lie, cover up for each other, and knowingly let Attorneys use Perjury on a small, minor lawsuit, like the Gibson Lawsuit described at this website, how can anyone in their right mind not believe that the big cases in Charlotte County aren't be "fixed" too?

Just where is the F.B.I., and so called watchdogs like the A.C.L.U. ?





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